The TranCyst ITN consists of 5 academic partners, 2 private sector partners and 5 associated partners (2 academic, 2 private sector and 1 non-government organisation).


1. LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands
2. UZH/USZ, Zürich, Switzerland
3. USFD, Sheffield, United Kingdom
4. INSERM, Paris, France
5. IRFMN, Bergamo, Italy
6. ServiceXS, Leiden, The Netherlands
7. Mosaiques Diagnostics, Hannover, Germany

Associated Partners

1. UMCN, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2. UA, Antwerp, Belgium
3. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co Ltd., Rockville, USA
4. Orobix Srl., Bergamo, Italy
5. PKD International, Geneva, Switzerland

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Synergies/complementarities of the partners in TranCYST – Expertises
Partner 1 – LUMC: Pkd1-mutant mouse models, preclinical drug testing, expertise in genetics, signalling and histopathology (Peters). Bioinformatics, biosemantics, development and applications of workflows to analyse, integrate and interpret biological/clinical data, multi-level meta-analysis (‘t Hoen/Roos).

Partner 2 – UZH: Nephrology, renal physiology, rodent models and cells (Devuyst). ADPKD Rapamycin trial, biomarker studies, coordination of the European-wide ADPKD-patient registry EuroCYST.

Partner 3 – USFD: PKD protein and cellular functions (Ong); kidney and vascular development in zebrafish (Van Eeden).

Partner 4 – INSERM: Renal development, planar cell polarity, (epi)genetic alterations in HNF1b-regulated gene expression (Pontoglio).

Partner 5 – IRFMN: Clinical nephrology, therapeutic interventions in ADPKD (Remuzzi). development of improved definition of novel kidney volumetric parameters by imaging (Orobix)..

Partner 6 – SXS: The SME ServiceXS has in-depth knowledge of Life Sciences, extensive technical expertise, and access to the most innovative technology available for genetic and genomic studies

Partner 7 – Mosaiques: The SME Mosaiques Diagnostics provides highly innovative Clinical Proteomics services to identify biomarkers in body fluids in clinical and preclinical studies (Mischak).

Associated Partner 1 – UMCN: Prof. Drenth is an expert in experimental and clinical research on Polycystic liver disease.

Associated Partner 2 – Un Antwerp: Prof. Loeys, is an expert in experimental and clinical research on cardiovascular abnormalities.

Associated Partner 3 – Otsuka: The pharmaceutical company Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. is engaged in the research and development, manufacture, and sale of innovative, creative products for the treatment of diseases including ADPKD. Their compound Tolvaptan is involved in a large clinical trial lead by their medical director Dr. F. Czerwiec.

Associated Partner 4 – Orobix: The SME Orobix Slr.: image-based biomarkers for use in clinical trials and clinical practice and in close cooperation with the Mario Negri Institute (partner 5) on integrating image-based evaluations. Orobix will be involved in research and hosting a secondment.

Associated Partner 5 – PKD International: PKD-International is global alliance of PKD-patient organizations worldwide. They will educate E(S)Rs in ethical and social aspects, and offer opportunities for communicating scientific advances to lay audiences.