Exploitation of results
The in depth analysis of the different models (mouse, zebrafish) in combination with human samples, will enable the TranCYST network to define in great detail molecular and cellular pathways which play a role in cyst formation. This will enable the network to select the best potential targets for treatment of PKD but also to validate targets obtained in screenings. To further develop the compounds into therapy, we will collaborate with industry. The biomarkers identified using metabolomic profiling approaches as well as the imaging parameters, will be further validated and developed into a diagnostic tool, with help of the industrial partners.


Dissemination of results
This will be achieved by a number of approaches:
1. Publication in scientific journals. The results of the research carried out by the network will be published in joint publications. These publications will be prepared by the trainees under  supervision of the senior scientists participating in the network. Publications that arise from the partnership will be made available to all partners as soon as feasible (also in the view of potential
patent application), at the latest directly after acceptance for publication.
2. Presentations at (inter)national scientific meetings. All E(S)Rs will be encouraged to participate in national and international workshops, symposia, conferences etc. relevant to the project and to present their data, either by oral or poster presentation. They will be trained to deliver optimal presentation of their work. Some of these scientific meetings are part of the TranCYST training programme, but E(S)Rs are also stimulated to present their work at other (international) meetings, e.g. the American Society of Nephrology and ERA-EDTA.
3. Network meetings, e-mail, telephone/video conferences, the website. These resources will be used for dissemination of data between partners.


In order to increase the awareness of the PKD problem, and the importance of projects such as TranCYST to the general public, we will advertise and will try to report news and progress of the project through press releases and notifications on affiliated websites, and in local, national and international news papers. This is always under our attention.
In addition, the TranCYST network will carry out a number of specific activities to improving the public’s understanding of science, to promote the widespread dissemination of its knowledge and to increase awareness of the importance of research to society and to raise awareness of the Marie Curie Actions to the general public, to (high) school students and to future biomedical scientist as
well as clinical professionals.