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Dorien PetersDorien Peters, PhD
Professor, group leader, coordinator of the TranCYST ITN

We have a long-lasting research line in Polycystic kidney Disease. In the early days we were involved in identification of the genes and ever since our research covers a broad range of topics aimed at fully understanding the pathogenesis of the disease. The ultimate goal is to design new therapeutic approaches.
We have generated a variety of (conditional) mouse models and cell lines to get insight in the crucial initial pathogenic events and secondary effects of disturbed Pkd1-gene expression, leading to cystogenesis and blood vessel abnormalities.
We utilize state-of-the art technologies in genetics, molecular cell biology and pathology to study and elucidate the signaling cascades and downstream targets affected by disturbed expression of the PKD1-gene, to find targets for therapeutic interventions. Both, screening approaches and targeted approaches are being applied.


Business Address
Leiden University Medical Center
Department of Human Genetics, S4-P
Albinusdreef 2
2333 ZA Leiden
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 71 526 9490



Chiara Formica
Early Stage Researcher: Chiara Formica (Italy)
Appoined from 1 September 2013 till 1 September 2016









Peter Bram 't HoenPeter-Bram ‘t Hoen, PhD
Associate Professor, group leader                                         

Phone: +31 71 526 9421




Marco RoosMarco Roos, PhD
Assistant Professor, group leader

Phone: +31 71 526 8642




– Bioinformatics and biosemantics
– Gene expression analysis, methodologies
– Workflows for standardized analysis of different types of ‘omics’ data
– Enhanced literature and biomedical database datamining using biosemantic approaches and semantic web technology


Appointed researcher
Tareq Malas
Early Stage Researcher: Tareq Malas (Syria)
Appointed from 1 December 2013 till 1 December 2016